Monday, March 26, 2012

What a lovely feeling (working on submitting a manuscript)

Oh, I just got the most wonderful wave of butterflies in my tummy.

I've been working in my office today focusing on getting my manuscript ready to be sent in and working on my Author's Flyer. Did you know there was such a thing?

Anyway, I'm going through reviews on my book Once Upon a Surrogate: The Stork's Helpers. I can't help but smile as there are so many positive reviews and that means the world to me.

I am this close to printing out my Author's Flyer and attaching it to my manuscript. It just became very real to me. This is very early, a first step, but I'm doing it! I'm going to submit a manuscript. Wow, what an amazing feeling!

Give me some time and I just may share the Author's Flyer as well as a little something about the book.
For now I will say- It's a children's book. It's about love unexpected. It's full of rhythm and rhyme and can even be sung.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oops, skipped a level (writing)

I've always enjoyed writing, but never really imagined I'd actually be writing books. It's interesting how one thing lead to another with me writing my children's book. Then I wrote a manuscript for another children's book, which I'm fine-tuning the art of sending in. I've never submitted a manuscript before and I want to be as professional as possible. I self-published my first book, but I'm looking to get published for this one. So stay tuned...

In the meantime I took time off from writing, not that I got much else done. It just happened- the break from writing amongst the chaos of life changes Yet,. I have friends and family sending in manuscripts and getting published and I'm inspired to write again.

I recently turned my attention to some thoughts and ideas I had about a novel.

I've always heard about authors and how their characters "spoke" to them, etc. I'd never really experienced anything like that. I've just had ideas based on personal experiences. Yet as I started to write and try to form a story, my main character and idea is telling me that I'm not writing a novel, but a Young Adult book. It's kind of fun and exciting and really makes sense to write Young Adult after writing Childrens'. The wheels are turning and as I throw out ideas to my husband and children they are helping me send this story in a fun direction and it's all clicking and falling into place. Looks like I have my own little writing group. What a wonderful homeschool activity. (again)

Tristan- My middle child is excited that I'm headed towards a Young Adult book because then I could be writing books for her to read.


I don't talk much about what I'm writing, but I will say that this will be a fantasy/mystery type story and will host some interesting characters.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Have I got a treat for you! A wonderful book giveaway, Dancing On Broken Glass by Ka Hancock

The giveaway is over, just wanted to add my review now that I've finished reading it....

This book actually took my breath away. I feel renewed and inspired. It was a book that I wanted to keep reading and not put down, yet as I drew near the end, I wanted to savor every last page and not let it end. Ka did a wonderful job with setting, characters, story-line, the whole 9 yards. She draws you into the book, into their lives and you feel emotions and it touches you. You think you might know what's coming up, but it's not what you think exactly, and then there's so much more. It's an amazing book and a beautiful story, every bit of it.

I am lucky enough to be giving away 3 copies of a popular, new novel titled Dancing on Broken Glass by Ka Hancock. (Utah author)

Dancing on Broken Glass was recently released on 3/13/2012. (Gallery Books)

1451637373 (ISBN13: 9781451637373)

"Hancock’s debut is an authentic tearjerker--an intimate and touching story that will remain in readers’ hearts." 

About the book:
An unvarnished portrait of a marriage that is both ordinary and extraordinary, Dancing on Broken Glass takes readers on an unforgettable journey of the heart.
Lucy Houston and Mickey Chandler probably shouldn’t have fallen in love, let alone gotten married. They’re both plagued with faulty genes—he has bipolar disorder; she, a ravaging family history of breast cancer. But when their paths cross on the night of Lucy’s twenty-first birthday, sparks fly, and there’s no denying their chemistry.
Cautious every step of the way, they are determined to make their relationship work—and they put their commitment in writing. Mickey will take his medication. Lucy won’t blame him for what is beyond his control. He promises honesty. She promises patience. Like any marriage, there are good days and bad days—and some very bad days. In dealing with their unique challenges, they make the heartbreaking decision not to have children. But when Lucy shows up for a routine physical just shy of their eleventh anniversary, she gets an impossible surprise that changes everything. Everything. Suddenly, all their rules are thrown out the window, and the two of them must redefine what love really is.

To enter the giveaway, check out the following links to read more about DOBG and then let me know you'd like a copy and tell me why. You can comment right here on my blog post (below), or on my FB page:

Remember there are 3 copies to give away, so tell your friends, spread the word. Your mama taught you to share, right? The 3 lucky winners will be chosen on next Friday March 30, 2012 and announced shortly after.

You can learn more about Ka and Dancing on Broken Glass 
on Facebook: Ka Hancock/ Dancing on Broken Glass FB Page

Her website:

Her blog:

You can read reviews here:

Deseret News article:


You can order here

P.S. Not to brag or anything, but Ka is my sweet, dear aunt and is absolutely adorable. I have a signed copy of DOBG and will always treasure it. I'm on page 102 and loving it! Ka is awesome in so many ways and I'm so very proud and excited for her and her book. She has absolutely inspired me to pick up my pen and start writing again. (without knowing it)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My husband goes to College

So as I've mentioned before, my life has been busy as my husband goes to school full time. They say if you're a military wife/spouse, you're pretty much IN the military as well. That is so true. I think the same goes for a student's wife/spouse. Especially if you are helping your spouse with homework/classes.

I'm so boring, that's about all that's been going on around here. Well that, and the fact that we're in the middle of a short sale and don't know which way we're headed, if we're coming or going. Not sure why they're called "Short Sales". We started the whole thing back in November. Well okay, so the papers got sent to the wrong department and we had to start over. Now we know that we don't qualify for a loan modification. I guess that doesn't work when you don't have "income".  Even though John gets "paid" to go to school. It's a complicated mess right now. I worry how we'll find a place to rent without this so called "income".

DWS (Department of Workforce Services) is still screwing things up left and right and I'm still left to figure out the mess and how to fix it. I recently had to do a case review and they asked me to verify a bunch of stuff. They had me listed as NEVER MARRIED. How did that happen? Then under medical they listed myself, my husband and my son, but not our 2 girls. And they said that we all were on the same insurance since 1997. Hmmm, then why would we need help? Then it asked to verify a bunch of information that was not there. Talk about frustrating. It asked if anyone EVER served in the military. Then, along with that same question, "Who is the person in need?" How do you answer that. My husband served in the military, but I'm not sure what the need part is.

Earlier we applied for help with school through them, and they denied us. The lady was pretty rude saying she didn't see a need since the VA was covering tuition and giving us money for books and we got a Pell Grant. We explained to her that the VA would give us up to $1000 a year for books, tools and supplies, but hubby will need about $3000. We also have bills to pay, etc. Well, I guess somehow it got on SLCC's record that we were applying for this program, so they list that we have this $1000 outside resource (from DWS) It's kind of biting us in the butt a bit. Part of this review is asking about school assistance. Oh my UGH!