Saturday, January 30, 2010

My poor sweet baby :(

Ok so we got to Urgent Care and all of a sudden she has to throw up. (we went in for a fever of 103.3 and a headache for the past 2 1/2 days) So add that to her symptoms.

They asked a few questions, tested for Strep, came back negative, tested for Flu, came back negative. Tested her urine- Kidney Infection! She's 6! They started her on an aggresive treatment, starting with shots in both of her legs. I just wanted to cry right along with her. Poor thing couldn't walk or feel her legs basically for a few hours. We just had to carry her around. (Dr. said that would probably happen) She wanted to send her to Primary Children's Hospital, but said if we could keep her hydrated and check back in tomorrow around the same time, she'd let her go home.

She is not herself. She's just this sad little hurt girl. She's crashed out on my bed now.

Sorry, low quality phone pics.. blown up.

Here she is on the 2nd day back at Urgent care.

 She had perked up for a bit... until they gave her the shots again.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Come meet me over at Parenting for Dummies Place *please*

Ok, so I stumbled upon this cool lady somewhere between SITS and another blogger friend of a friend sort of thing. She is rockin' awesome! Her blog is Parenting By Dummies.  I'm sure we've all felt like a dummy parent at some point.  Well she has guest bloggers on what she calls "Make new (i)friends Monday(s)" She hosts the guest blogger AND writes them a poem. She kind of did it just playing around and got really good at it!

Guess who's the guest blogger *ifriend* for Today- Monday January 25, 2010? Give up?

It's little old ME! And she did an awsome job. Please check it all out *HERE*.

Thanks!  Have an awesome MONDAY! 

Friday, January 22, 2010

Awesome Friday- New Office Intro (and pics!)

What a better thing to do on a loverly Friday than to introduce my new office.....

John made me awesome big, deep shelves in my closet. We found great deals on all the furniture over time... and I picked out the light/fan I wanted, we went with the rectangle outlets and light switch. I'm really very happy with it all At one point I decided I wanted to paint the trim black. (moulding, whatever). I am happy to say that I did help a good amount towards the end. We started putting up drywall in 2007. Yeah, I'll post pics beginning to end soon. Just remind me.  :)  The only things left are to frame the window and put rocks or something nice to look at in the window well and then to hang the curtain in the closet. We decided not to do a closet door since I'd be in and out of it so much.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Weird weekend and the scars/bruises to prove it!

I'm trying to be a good little blogger, so why not write about EVERYTHING that happens right? I mean something happens everyday.

I guess it started on Saturday. Hubby was playfully slapping my butt. Well sometimes I think he slaps a little too hard. So he's been teasing lately. "Oh sorry did I slap ya too hard?"  So this happened again on Saturday. I playfully went to kick him and he blocked me and for a few minutes I thought I had freaking shattered my shin. Nice big bruise appeared yesterday.

Then also on Saturday he asked me to get some packing paper and the darn stuff gave me a nasty paper cut on the first bend of my left pinky. Not fun.

Yesterday (Sunday) I got weird razor burn on my feet/toes. (2 separate toes, one on each foot) One of my toes looked like it had a ring of blood on it. Very odd.

Then I go downstairs to work on putting things together in the new office. I was lucky enough to get a new desk and we needed to assemble it. Well I went to move one of the heavy boxes and somehow it slipped and took off 2 of my fingernails! HOLY HELL it hurt!!! Luckily they didn't break below the nail.. but enough broke off at such speed to make me say "Holy hell that hurt!" I told John, "THIS is why I am careful and cautious when I help you move stuff". Make me rethink having long nails.

Then something happened later while John and I were putting things in my new office. Don't remember the details but I got hurt a little.

Then yesterday evening I was walking through the kitchen and my Scentsy inventory rack attacked me. I have a peg board and some of the metal hooks are longer than others. Well this long end piece just kind of reached out and grabbed me.  That definitely left a mark!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Balance and good bye holiday _______

I have lost the few extra pounds I gained over the holidays. This week has been great. Somehow with the kids home, my focus is better and there's more of a balance around here.

 It's crazy because I used to be one of those moms who couldn't wait to send her kids back to school over winter break or summer vacation. But here we are learning and growing together and I wouldn't have it any other way. They still have the choice to go back to school, but I'm enjoying this for now. We'll take it a school year at a time.

Our relationships are improving, we're working toghether, their rooms aren't such a disaster. It's not 100% noticeable, but we're all getting more done. It feels great!

The kids used to get home from school and not want to clean or do anything but veg and watch tv, etc.  They were tired and worn out from being at school "all day". Well not anymore. Not as much fighting to clean up. Everyone wakes up nice and happy. No stressing over homework! No more fighting over homework. Oh also, it was a crazy school schedule between the 3 of them. Jeremy would have to be up by 6:00 and out the door by 7:20. Tristan would be up by 7:50 and out the door by 8:55. Jessica would be up around 9:30 and out the door at 12:30. I used to walk her to school, but now that it's cold, I've had to drive her. (chosen to)
Then Jeremy would get home about 3:30 and the girls at 3:50. Since we live out in nowhere land and it's a good 45 minute drive to go anywhere, plus another 45 to get back, I didn't have much time to do anything. If I did leave I was worried that I'd get stuck somewhere and not get home in time. Talk about a stressful situation. If I need to go somewhere now, we just go. It's all a learning experience.

In a way, I wish I had done this a long time ago. It might have been nice to have them home while we were in San Diego. and John was in the Navy. But then again the teachers there were great. (I'll give them that! John and I aren't big fans of living in San Diego. It's a nice place to *visit* but our experiences of living there weren't the best. We did meet some great people there, but there were too many unfriendly people. Could have been the military environment, the crappy area, but that was our experience.)

I'm not 100% against public school! I want to make that clear. There are some great teachers out there and some great schools. However, not all the teachers are great and not all the schools are great. Sometimes I am shocked and surprised to see how a teacher treats her students and how little patience they can have. I'm just happy to know that I am now confident that I can give my kids what they need. I am also getting plenty in return.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Calories burned, home-school kids and office stuff

I have burned 272 calories today! Just thought I'd track it somewhere, lol. Woohoo!

We are still working out all the kinks in home-schooling. I have looked into lot's of options. I have mainly been researching TJED and I really like it! I've also looked into unschooling. I don't agree with it all 100% but there are parts of it that sure make sense! (I tried doing way too much of it and it stressed me out big time!)  I'm looking for a healthy balance that makes us all happy. I'm making the "curriculum" fit the child, not the other way around. We study life in reality.

I have found out that Jeremy LIKES tests and workbooks. Even though he was "failing" most his classes, he still wants me to teach what he was taught at school. I'm sure that's all he was used to, as frustrating as it was. We're taking it all one little step at a time. He is still happier than ever, which was my 1st "goal" with all this.

Tristan has decided to join the home-school team around here. I don't know if I can keep up with her. She was doing so well in school. However, I think there is nothing wrong with her trying out home-school and letting her make the choice. Jessica changes her mind daily. She usually wants to stay home until about 10 minutes before school starts, and then she wants to go. I guess she kind of gets the best of both worlds since she's in Kindergarten and only goes for about 3 hours.

It all feels good!

My office is THIS much closer to being finished.  That feels awesome! John did a good job and I am glad I helped out as much as I could. I just need to do a little touch up painting around the doors and we can move stuff in.We're only going to move a little at a time. I still need to go through some stuff in my current office and decide what all will go down there. Right now my current office is also a storage room. Not going to happen in the new office. We do still need to "finish" around the window.. but not a big deal. We are trying to find something cool to put in the window well so that I'm not looking out into, well an ugly window well. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy 2010!

I feel ashamed for taking so long to post something new. (well not really, but it's been awhile...)

I truly, sincerely hope that everyone had a fabulous Christmas/New Year/Whatever you celebrate!

What is in store for 2010? 

  • I officially started "home-schooling" my son on Monday January 4th!
  • Today is my baby's birthday. (am I a bad Mom for just realizing this?) I mean I already knew it was coming.. I knew that yesterday it would be tomorrow. But it just hit me, TODAY is her birthday! Aw! My sweet little bundle of energy, shy at times yet crazy other times, Beatles loving daughter is now 6!
Happy Birthday Miss Jessica!

  • I will probably start looking for IP's in the next month or 2.                
  •    ( Which could lead to an embryo transfer in the Summer or Fall)
  •  If you think I'm crazy, please keep it to yourself.        :)
  • I'm working on getting more organized- no really! One babystep at a time.
  • I should be moving into my new "office" soon. It has been a work in progress for over 2 years. We have finished a small room in the basement for my office. (It is 99% finished.) I already have an office upstairs, but it will be Jessica's new room. Yay! No more excuses for her to not help her sister clean their room.
  • The usual New Year's Resolution: Eat less, Exercise more! I could use a lot of help with this!
That's all I can think of for now... it's early and I'm not a morning person. (something I could work on?)

What is in store for YOU for 2010?